We have 35 years of experience as TURANBEY Packing Machines. Our company, founded by our late Aziz TURAN and we as his brother HALÄ°M TURAN and his son MEHMET AKIF TURAN continue to manufacture new packaging and filling machines without sacrificing trust, technology and quality for our valued customers... Ongoing packing machines; powder sugar and pulses. packaging machines that must be used to fill the products; Full-Square Karussell (SQUARE PACKAGE) Pulses Packing Machines Scale System POWDER SUGAR AND PULSES etc. Packaging Machines Volimetric System Pulses (chickpeas, rice, burger etc.) Vertical Filling Machines Screw System Powder products (starch, flour, spices, etc.) Packing Filling Machines Dual System Packing Vertical Packing Machines Ready made PAPER, BAG, SACK, etc. Packing Machines Stick (salt, powdered sugar, etc.) Packaging Machines Liquid Filling and Labeling Machines Pastry Forming Machines Fully Automatic SHRINK PACKING MACHINES Fully Automatic Side Feeding (Chrome Nickel Stainless Steel) 5 LT. TIN OILS Shrink Packaging Machine Fully Automatic Front Feeder (Chrome Nickel Stainless Steel) AYRAN, BATTERY, BOX Shrink Packaging Machine

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